General Service

Supply of all kind of services related to oil and gas industry such as camp services, preparing new camps, supply of skilled manpower, etc.

EPC Contractor

RAI is an EPC Contractor that undertakes the project execution from start to finish, i.e. Design & detailed Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Erection, Testing & total project commissioning of pressure vessels, tank, heat exchangers, offshore platforms, process & utility/offsite units, flow lines, pipelines and steel structures.

Blasting & Painting

RAI is one of the leading providers of environmentally friendly blasting & painting works whether to be done onsite or in factory based preparation. Our blasting & painting operations includes Internal & External Oil & Gas pipelines, water transmission pipelines, tanks, ships, columns & steel structure.

Pipe Services

RAI expertise is employed to deliver turnkey solutions for problems occurring in Oil & Gas pipelines and water transmission pipelines. We aim to provide our best services on pipe inspection & maintenance services like corrosion protection, pipe leakage repairs, replacement services for all types of pipe wrappings, pipes replacement, services for all types of steel, GRE & GRP pipes.

Tank Services

RAI's main core of the business is its Tank Services, where Tank construction at its best. We understand the needs of our clients in terms of quality service and the standard we set is unsurpassed in the Tank Services. Aside from being a pioneer in sludge treatment, RAI offers Tank floor & Tank roof repair, Tank cleaning & desludging, Hot & Cold applied coatings & floating roof tank seal services.


RAI's knowledge & expertise in insulation services assures that oil & gas fields insulation requirement for Oil & Gas tanks, water tanks, pipelines will withstand the extreme weather condition in Libya & serve its purpose in protecting severe situation of machines, equipment’s and infrastructures.

Shutdown Cooperation

RAI is composed of highly qualified professionals fully equipped with vast experience & trainings in turnaround shutdowns and inspection services in Petro-chemical plants and Oil & Gas fields. Our team is committed to maintaining an intense schedule in bringing your facility back in order and extreme performance on time.

Civil & Electrical Works

Our Civil & Electrical Engineering division provides an extensive service in addition to delivering & executing our projects in Oil & Gas Industry. Our Civil & Electrical works are extremely high standards. Our activities include overhead transmission lines, construction of bund walls, installation & commissioning of field instruments & Upgrading sub stations, construction of high voltage lines, washing of high lines etc.

Mechanical Serv. & Valves Repair

RAI offers a full inline; onsite and sharp valves repair services & maintenance programs for all value types, brands, sizes, material pressures & operating conditions. We also provide lining boring, shaft machining, drilling, grinding, disconnecting of pipes & weld preparing, honing & spinning operation flange tight surface machining & etc.

Passive Fire Protection

RAI’s Safety Policy" always comes first. We undertake a comprehensive range of providing Industrial Fire safety, offering the latest fire retardant panels & fire proof coatings. Our safety services & products like intumescent coating for tank pipes, steel infrastructures, fire-retardant panels for building tunnels & ducts ensures passive fire protection.

Geotechnical activity

Interdisciplinary geotechnical investigations and exploratory works for roads, railway lines, housing and commercial buildings, tunnels, water structures, bridges, antenna poles, overhead line towers, unstable grounds (creep ages, landslides, land slips and rock falls), underground garages, airports and the like. Testing of structures stability and physical-mechanical properties of bearing elements of the structure, monitoring of the structures and ground behavior (settlement, horizontal displacements, pressures in the soil), measurement of ground water level modifications, monitoring of pores pressures modifications, elaboration of geotechnical designs, namely:
Deep and shallow foundation structures, solid and light abutment structures, structures of reinforced soil, nailed soil, reinforced soil, abutment structures in the function of soil stability and surrounding structures protection (the so called projects of foundation pits protection), rehabilitation designs of unstable grounds (creep ages, landslides, rock falls), embankments and other.